Inspired by Faith and Science: Definitions

If faith is not just the crutch of the spiritually minded, how do we define it? Assuming a Christian audience we might come up with something like...

1. Belief in things unseen?
2. Hope for things yet to come?
3. Trust in something that's beyond ourselves?

But what about science? How will we define that?

1. Science is not "only believing in what we can see." After all, I've never seen an atom or a molecule, or watched an electron slip from one shell to the next, yet I believe all these things and I confidently switch on lights. Perhaps I'll call science "testing what can be seen."
2. Science is not "believing we know everything" or scientists wouldn't keep trying to find out more. Maybe I'll call it "hypothesizing about what's not yet tested."
3. Scientists don't "only trust themselves." Galileo's theory was built on the work of others. So was Einstein's. So is Hawking's. Maybe scientists test before they trust.

I wonder if it's true that a group of scientists would quickly agree on definitions of science then argue about faith. And I wonder if some of their answers might seem just as insulting as "Scientists only believe what they can see, think they know it all, and only trust what they observe" might be to scientists.

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