Imaginary Numbers--fourth in the Mathemafiction series of novel--should be finished soon, and might even come out this year. Since holding my breath could prove a dangerous move, I'm trying to go about my regular life while working on it.

Love on a Transfer was dropped when the editor left the company. I might revitalize it one day.

Flower Child, Refracted, and Black Widow enjoyed a brief and happy life with Gypsy Shadow and have now been taken up by Indigo Sea. They should be coming out soon as well, in a single volume entitled Speculatively Yours, but you can find them and other novellas in slender self-published volumes at around $5 each.

The Five Minute Bible Story Series is up to 12 books now with the addition of Paul's Purpose - does that it a book a month club? They're doing moderately well (by my standards anyway - they almost keep me in coffee) with Cape Arago Press.

Tails of Mystery, my animal stories from Linkville Press, will soon have a sequel, A Nose For Adventure. Sadly, Zeus, the wonderful dog who inspired the character of Fred, died recently. He will be deeply mourned by family and Bo, the inspiration for Joe.

Tales of Hemlock, my young adult novels of magical teens, are probably due another round of submissions, but the prequel short story came out in Hero's Best Friend from Seventh Star Press. I'm still crossing those fingers.

My children's books, David Learns Life and David Learns Math, would love to find a home too.

And my Inspired by Faith and Science books are available from Amazon.

If you go to my author page you'll see them all!


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