Faith and Science, the Questions: Introduction

After our first discussion on Faith and Science, I was asked to join in a second class at church and answer questions sent by email:
  1. Is is accommodating the culture around us to agree to evolutionary views?
  2. Does it make us look anti-intellectual and backward to disbelieve in evolution?
  3. If evolution is true, does it change our view of God--and man?
  4. When scientists who are Christians with degrees from prestigious universities rule out evolution, are they credible?
  5. What actual proof is there that macro-evolution is true?
  6. Has the Bible been sufficiently mined for knowledge about science and evolution? Are there new discoveries in it about science?
If you've read my previous posts you'll know I'm a Christian with at least some scientific training, I have no problem with evolution (in fact I delight in it), and as far as genetics and biology are concerned, I'm no expert, merely an interested amateur. That said, if you want to read my answers to these are other questions, come back tomorrow for my next refracted faith-and-science post.

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