Faith and Mythology: Conclusion

The Bible says we should have an answer when someone challenges our belief. It doesn’t say we should expect to convince them we’re right. I can argue till I’m blue in the face about how well-attested the Bible stories are by the discoveries of science, but I won’t convince anyone—I won’t even convince all the people in my Sunday school class. Someone else can argue equally about how their faith has given meaning to their life, and it won’t convince everyone. Only God can do the convincing. The best we can hope for, and long for, is to align ourselves with God. We point our neighbors towards His Word in the Bible—we’re careful not to point them away from His word—and we invite them to read for themselves in the hopes that sometime, somehow, God will make them listen. Meanwhile, God did save Lot in answer to prayer, and he did save Noah’s family even though only Noah was listening Him. So, we pray.

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