Faith and Mythology: Is the Bible different?

Eventually you end up asking yourself, just how is the Bible different from all those myths?
  • The Bible doesn’t ask me to believe in monsters. What about the Nephilim and the giants?
  • The Bible doesn’t have fantastical gods. But it does have some very strange stories about God. And, just for reference, a Hindu friend who was asked about her "fantastical gods” replied that her mythology is a collection of stories to explain the unknowable of how one infinite God relates to mortal humanity. No so different as I’d expected.
  • The Bible doesn’t make gods out of emperors. But ancient religions didn’t pretend the emperors were inherently divine. They just became divine as a reward of office—and the Bible says we all inherit eternal life, so we’re all “divine” in that sense, which might be even more unbelievable.
  • The Bible can be explained by science. Okay, I’ve got to throw that one in there. I think, if the details of Bible stories can be explained by science, then it’s easier to believe they’re true than that someone imagined them and got them right. And if the facts are true, I need to believe in God to explain the coincidences. But that’s just me.

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