Holy Week - 3

“One of you will betray me,” the leader said, and they whispered amongst themselves. Who?

Was it James, devoted to law and tradition, seeing unfaithfulness to God in every slip? Maybe Peter, his tongue racing faster than his mind? Or John, son of thunder; what violent temper hid under his quiet poise? Perhaps it was Matthew, eager for change; time to force the authorities’ hand? Or Judas, sure the crowds would unite and fight?

“One of you,” he said, “that dips his bread in the same bowl.” But when he passed the morsel, who knew, was it invitation or censure?

John 8:12 “…I am the light of the world…”

A part of me has always felt sorry for Judas.

I imagine him holding that bread in his hand, knowing Jesus has seen his plan, getting ready to make his move. They tell me all Judas cared about was money, but I see him convinced he’s helping God, nudging the world towards some spectacular victory, fulfilling prophesy.

I see him deceiving himself, and wonder how many of us make the same mistake. Then, when it’s all gone wrong, when we can’t fix what we’ve broken, should we just give up?

But Jesus is risen, and where there’s light there’s hope.

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