Why I like rainbows

My first published book is called Refracted, and refraction of light makes rainbows. But I've characterized my website with rainbows right from my first self-published work. So what's so special about them?

I like the symbolism of the rainbow's arch--it's going somewhere; it's not a straight line; it doesn't last forever--you've got to catch it while you can.

I like the math and science of it--the bending of light; the speed of light; relativity; wave-particle theories; refraction, diffraction, and the wonderful fact that even the least scientific among us can see it.

I like the fiction of rainbow promises--gold and leprechauns and mystery.

I like the promise of the Bible--the rainbow of Noah's ark, not magically created at the ending of the storm, but something God points to in the sky; something that becomes a promise of God that he'll never forget his love for us.

I like the splitting apart of things--me, an English American, a Catholic Protestant, a mathematician that can't add up and a writer that can't spell, a contradiction in search of a direction...

and I like their putting back together again into something that's greater than the whole; white light becomes a rainbow becomes a ribbon of white again.

Oh yeah, and I'm English. It rains in England. What English child could fail to fall in love with rainbows?


  1. I can't read the blue lines but I like the rest of what you have to say. I love rainbows too. When at home, I run for a camera every time one appears. I recall long ago my sister saying they were stairways to heaven. I also recall going on holiday on my hubby's motor bike (before our children were born) and losing our way. It took 25 hours to get home but all through the daylight hours we had a rainbow in front of us! Of course, we arrived home wet through, and my white socks had turned pink from my red trousers. But it is the rainbows that I remember most vividly.

  2. Beautiful thoughts on rainbows. Love your jigsaw puzzle too. Decided to use that idea on my blog. Thank you. :)

  3. Gypsy Shadow gave me the idea, and the link, for the puzzle. The only trouble is, it's kind of addictive. Really good fun.

  4. I've changed the blue. Hope this one works better.