Why I Put Rainbows on My Sites

A friend asked why I use rainbows as the theme for all my sites, so here's the answer(s).

1. I started out using pictures from my books and trying to advertise. When I wanted to change the picture, I'd just published A Bible Book of Colors on Lulu, so I sliced a piece of rainbow from the cover as my new image.

2. I wanted visitors to my sites to see the text without having to scroll. My rainbow just happened to be nice and thin, so I kept it. Of course, the rainbow theme on this blog's a little different.

3. Then I started looking for an overarching theme (and dream). The rainbow's a sign of God's promise, and okay, He was promising not to destroy the world with a flood, but seeing a rainbow on my sites reminds me of His love. And without His Love, I can do nothing...

4. Of course, God was the original teller of stories, and He told us the story of Noah. I used to be so sure it couldn't be true. After all, there must have been rainbows ever since there was rain and light. God couldn't have waited till Noah to make the first one. But, when I read the Bible more carefully, I found it just says God pointed to the rainbow, not that He made it. And the flood? Well we've all heard of global warming now, and they've found some fascinating stuff underneath the Black Sea...

5. All of which means I really am Inspired by Faith and Science. So then I had a theme, and a title for my Lulu bookstore and my Inspired by Faith and Science website.

6. Of course, that theme only applies to my Bible books, but God's promises are for all of me, and I'm sure that includes all I write.

7. So, by some curiously delightful coincidence, or divine sleight of hand, my first published eBook is Refracted, which just perfectly fits my rainbow.

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