Inspired by Faith and Science: Conclusion

So, let's look at Genesis 1 again. What's the first action word, the first word trying to describe how God made the universe? "God said." He spoke it into being.

Usually when people speak they make words. So this, the whole incredible wonderful universe around us, this is the word of God, made manifest in created matter, in stuff that can be studied by science.

And this book, this Bible, is the word of God made manifest in human language.

And this Jesus that we read about in the New Testament, is the word of God made flesh and living among us (John 1:14)

God spoke three times, and I don't believe he ever contradicts himself. If the Old Testament and the New seem to disagree, that's not God changing his mind; it's us failing to understand. And if faith and science seem to disagree, I'm convinced the problem lies with us, and we need to look more closely at our interpretations of both.

I'm teaching another class in December, on Faith and Mythology, so watch out for more posts later this month!

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