My Writing Life - spare-time scribbling

I went to a high school that was right on the other side of Manchester from where we lived--two whole bus-rides away. Being slightly neurotic, as well as disorganized, I became very quickly very concerned about how awful it would be to be late to school. As a result I was soon catching a bus so early I could get to school before anyone else even set off--so early I would follow the caretaker around till he unlocked the door to my classroom. Of course, I also set off so early I would sometimes get caught up in bus route diversions due to accidents long since cleared by the time school began. "Why are you late Sheila?" "The bus had to take a different route." "Nobody else's bus did."

And what did I do when I got to school in the cold pre-heated dawn? I switched on a light, huddled into my coat, and I wrote.

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