My Writing Life - choosing to win

Picking math (and physics) for my A-levels really wasn't so hard after that. When I took my O-levels I liked to go back through all the questions on each paper in the final five minutes. I'd check my answers against how much I knew and work out a range for my probable score. (Strange child; yes, I know.) It was easy in math--you can tell something's right because you get the same answer whichever way you look. It was okay in science--if the answer makes sense you've probably got it right. It wasn't too bad in foreign languages--I either knew the words or made a good effort at choosing sensible replacements. But in English? In English, how could I ever know how my story would be scored? Will examiners like those imaginative arguments, or will they, like brothers, think I'm just a pain

In writing I never knew if I'd won or lost. When it came to planning what to study all the way through college... well, that was my future and I definitely wanted to win. So I chose math.

Of course, the other reason is I kind of thought math was easy--foolish thought.

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