My Writing Life - a logical lapse

I had to do another set of entrance exams to get into Cambridge. There were papers in math, creative writing, general intelligence, etc. I wasn't quite sure why they wanted to test my writing to teach me math, but I wasn't too worried. I'd already convinced myself the real achievement was simply in trying; I knew I'd not get in.

After writing an essay entitled "the sound of one hand clapping" without ever recognizing the philosophical reference, and scarcely even realizing one hand doesn't sound the same as two, I was even more sure I'd never get accepted. But somehow I did.

I bounced with excitement in the principal's office the day the acceptance came. I phoned my Mum and Dad and talked to my Granddad. And I set my feet on rather strange path for someone who wanted to write, because that's still what I wanted; I just thought I'd be a mathematician too. For my day-job maybe...

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