My Writing Life - beauty in numbers

It's not so strange though, really, studying math and wanting to write. Lots of mathematicians are great at music after all. Think of the shapes and interlocking patterns of a piece of music by Bach. Then imagine them in words. Imagine the arc of a story like a parabola; watch its equation; make sure there aren't any sudden twists and turns that don't belong. Then look at the characters and make sure the logic's secure in the ways they interact.

It's not so strange studying math when you can't add up either (I love calculators). Real math isn't numbers; it's shapes and interlocking patterns; it's music and myth and magic; it's beautiful! And that's how you know when the answers are right, when you're taking your finals and there's fifteen questions of which you've only done three. If the answer's beautiful you've got a high score, and you've won; you'll graduate with honors as a wrangler (because it's Cambridge, and wranglers rule!)

Is it strange being a writer when you can't spell? I love spell-check and dictionaries too, and words are fun to carve into beautiful sounds.

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