Ebooks in a Real Fair

How do you sell an ebook on a bookstall?

Our local writers' group--The Writers' Mill--had a booth at a local fair. You can see our journal near the middle of the picture. My novel, Divide by Zero, is near this end, with books by other members of the group. And a few of my Five Minute Bible Story books stand in orange and green at the far end. They're wearing their old covers, looking so much less exciting than the new ones in their bright new covers. But the new ones are ebooks, and how do you sell an ebooks at a fair?

Look carefully. Can you see the bookmarks in a pencil holder near the center of the display?

I've no idea if it worked or not, but that's how I tried to sell ebooks on a bookstall. What do you think?


  1. Creative -- they take the bookmark home, use it, keep looking at it -- curiosity wins -- ebook purchased. Could happen. I like your idea

  2. That's my hope, or is it a dream...