My Writing Life--spare time at college

In high school I wrote my first serious novel. Unfortunately I hadn't heard of fan-fiction then, or maybe I'd've written something publishable--well, maybe not. Instead I wrote my own version of Star Trek, where earth isn't the center of the universe and the heroes don't all look like my brothers' best friends. I called it "The Day the World Died," and just to make sure earth didn't get to be excessively important, I destroyed it in the first hundred pages.

In college I wrote my first version of Nalya's Sunset--a story, much rewritten, that I'd really like to get published. I also became very active in the Christian Union, and my subtle symbolism left rather a lot to be desired. Still, it had its good points. And I wrote songs, but couldn't write music so I scribbled the tunes with jagged lines that looked more like used graph paper.

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