Today I'm thankful for...

Today I'm thankful for...

Family--Two of our sons plan to come home for Christmas. We'll have time to watch movies, play board games, sit at table together for dinner, and generally enjoy ourselves. Plus, my Mum will arrive from England a week on Monday!

Friends--We're English, and Christmas is the time when English families get together (hence those sons coming home). That makes Thanksgiving feel a little strange. But kind American friends always welcome us. They've even taught us what "Black Friday" means.

Home--where the hearth is. It's cold outside, but beautiful too, with winter sunshine casting sharp-edged shadows of trees on leaves.

Fall--which is pretty, but those falling leaves don't half need a lot of picking up.

Food--we're lucky. With turkey for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the third son's after-Christmas visit, we're really lucky!

Board Games--always fun.

Books--likewise. And having finally learned what Black Friday means, I'm even offering a Black Friday deal on a companion book for your Advent Calendar. Read the whole Christmas story in 100 words a day ( for less than a dollar with this Smashwords coupon code: XH34Y

Faith--without which none of this would make sense

Fiction--without which I'd lack purpose in my writing

Facts--without which even sense becomes nonsense

and Fun--always have fun.

What are you thankful for?

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